The Result Are In: The Final Zyppah Review

Jun 5th 2023

In today's bustling wellness and sleep industry, one might scoff at the idea of a "snoring industry." However, the concept makes sense when considering that nearly 90 million adults in America snore at least occasionally. As a result, many products claim to alleviate this common sleep condition. One such product is the Zyppah snoring mouthpiece. Let's examine its efficacy based on expert reviews and user experiences.

Understanding Snoring


Snoring is a sleep condition caused by blockages in the air pathways. This usually happens when the body's muscles, including the throat and tongue, relax during sleep. As the language drops back, it obstructs the airflow, resulting in the unwelcome symphony of snoring. Snoring not only negatively impacts relationships but also affects the snorer's own physical and mental health. Symptoms may include dizziness, fatigue, irritability, chest pains, and even lapses in breathing during sleep. The latter is linked to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a sleep disorder characterized by momentary pauses in breathing due to a blockage in the airway.

What is Zyppah


Zyppah (which is happy-Z spelled backwards) offers a unique solution with their anti-snoring mouthpiece. The device targets the main offender, the tongue, using a patented mechanism known as the Z-Factor™. This 'seatbelt for the tongue' prevents it from falling back and obstructing the airway, thereby eliminating snoring. Unlike other devices that can lead to jaw and teeth pain, Zyppah focuses on the tongue, avoiding such side effects. Clinical trials have shown that Zyppah is effective for 91% of participants, with no harmful side effects reported.

Initial Use Challenges

Some users may experience a slight gagging sensation when they first use the anti-snoring mouthpiece. This is a normal bodily response to a foreign object in the mouth. However, this sensation typically subsides if the device is inserted a few hours before bed or if the body is given a week to adjust.

Real-Life Zyppah Reviews

As we delve into the Zyppah review bank, it's clear that many users have found relief with this device. Here are some representative  Zyppah reviews to give you a sense of the product's effectiveness: 

  • "I was about to be kicked out of my bedroom permanently so my partner could sleep without my snoring. Zyppah saved me from that!" 
  • "Zyppah is not only the most effective device I've tried but the most comfortable. The band that goes across the back of the tongue is the difference maker. Zyppah conforms to your teeth with no contact at the gum line."
  • "I have been using Zyppah for several years, and I love it. I sleep much better because I use it, as does my wife. The tongue strap makes all the difference in how well it works to keep you from snoring." 
  • "The only anti-snoring device that worked for me. The Z-Factor™ strap over the tongue is genius." 
  • "All my companions complained about my snoring when traveling and sharing hotel rooms and cabins. I have purchased one unit and used it for several months and am 100% satisfied."

From these reviews, it's clear that the Zyppah mouthpiece has helped many individuals achieve a better night's sleep, free from the disruption of snoring. The unique design, FDA approval, and positive experiences of real-life users make Zyppah a unique solution in the world of snoring appliances.