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What Our Customers Are Saying About ZYPPAH

John Remy

"The product is good. I particularly like the band to hold the tongue in place. However, my only gripe is that.After a few uses my teeth dislodge from the mouthpiece during the night. That allows my mouth to be open in the middle of the night. Even after removing a second time it happens after just a few uses. For it to earn five stars and a ten out of ten rating the product would need to hold my mouth closed consistently over time. That's the only shortcoming."

May 6th, 2024

Lawrence Brien

"My wife says this thing really works!"

May 6th, 2024

Elaine Jackson

"This mouth guard is great. I am not snoring to my knowledge and sleeping much better. Only thing is sometimes I wake up and either I took it out and put it on the bed or it fell out while I was sleeping. No worries, always found and rinsed and back in till morning.  I am thankful that the doctor recommended this mouth guard."

May 5th, 2024

Mark Meadows

"It seems to be working better than I thought it would. A little weird going to sleep with something in your mouth."

May 3th, 2024

James McGuire

"Since using this daily, I sleep better. Girlfriend says I don’t snore anymore so it seems to be work. Easy to set up, easy to clean. So far so good! ?"

May 1st, 2024

Greb Dewitt

"In a galaxy not so far away, a lone warrior battled against the dark forces of snoring tyranny. Behold, the ZYPPAH, a weapon forged in the fires of anti-snoring magic! Yet, tragedy struck as the warrior's faithful companion, a furry rebel with a penchant for mischief, mistook the ZYPPAH for a chewy treat. Alas, the first ZYPPAH met its demise at the jaws of the furry fiend.  But lo and behold, like a beacon of hope in the vast expanse of space, the stalwart guardians of ZYPPAH customer service emerged from the shadows. With the swiftness of a Millennium Falcon in hyperspace, they dispatched a replacement ZYPPAH to restore peace and quiet to the galaxy.  And so, the saga continues! With the replacement ZYPPAH firmly in hand (and safely out of reach of the rebel's teeth), the warrior trained their loyal companion in the ways of the Force. No longer would the ZYPPAH fall victim to the canine chaos! Through the power of Jedi mind tricks (and a few well-placed treats), the furry rebel now turns away at the mere sight of the ZYPPAH, knowing full well the consequences of her actions.  In conclusion, dear travelers of the galaxy, if you seek refuge from the dark side of snoring or wish to witness the triumph of the Force over canine chaos, look no further than ZYPPAH! And to the brave knights of ZYPPAH customer service, we salute you for your swift action in the face of adversity. May the Force be with us all as we journey towards nights of peaceful slumber and harmony in the galaxy!"

April 29th, 2024

Ronald Rohrbacher

"I have been using Zyppah for years and continue to do so because it works. I’m doing a new review to let people know I just learned that’s to Karen in customer service. I started with the original hybrid, but have always had issues with my bite as a result of how it pulls the lower jaw forward and I have a natural overbite. It was moving my teeth and causing jaw pain. While searching to see if people had the same problem, I came across an ad for their new version called Edge to Edge. This one has the upper and lower in-line with one another, so it’s not pulling the lower jaw so far forward. I bought one right away. It helped with the jaw pain, but my teeth were still moving. I started getting chips or rough edges on some of my teeth. As the day went on, they would move back more into place, but every morning they were moved again. I had just bought a new one and saw in the pamphlet that if your teeth move or your bite is affected , that you should contact your dentist or call their customer service. I sent an email to customer service and Karen called me. She explained that I shouldn’t use the Edge to Edge and instead is the original hybrid, but when I mold it to my teeth, she recommended flipping it over, so my top teeth are ahead of my bottom. I didn’t know it would work like that. She then offered to send me a new hybrid knowing that I just bought an Edge to Edge. I followed her advice and glad I did. So far it is much better. I still have minimal movement and I believe that it’s because when I molded the new one upside down, my teeth were still a little out of place from the other one. As this one wears out, I will buy a new one and next time I will go a few days without it to let my teeth return to there relaxed home position and then I’ll mold it. It’s still way better now and my teeth aren’t colliding. Thank you Karen!!!"

April 18th, 2024