#1 Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

FDA Cleared: 91% Effective

91 Days Risk-Free with our Money Back Guarantee

#1 Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

FDA Cleared: 91% Effective

91-DAY money back guarantee


100% confidential




Meet the inventor of ZYPPAH & leading sleep doctor

World renowned snoring and sleep expert, Dr. Greenburg invented ZYPPAH. His success has been featured on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, Dr. OZ with Shaq, Live with Kelly and many others. ZYPPAH stopped 500,000+ people from snoring.

Snoring won't stop without ZYPPAH

✅ Patented Seatbelt for the Tongue
✅ FDA cleared, clinically-proven
✅ HSA/FSA approved

Snoring wont stop
without ZYPPAH

✅ Patented Seatbelt for the Tongue
✅ FDA cleared, clinically-proven
✅ HSA/FSA approved

Ready to make snoring a thing of the past?

Innovative treatment

Proven mouthpiece with customizable molding to perfectly fit your mouth.

Clinically studied

Our mouthpiece underwent rigorous, FDA cleared snoring studies.

Doctor recommended

Trusted by doctors to silence snoring on the first night.

Best Seller

✅ Patented Seatbelt for the Tongue

✅ Clinically proven 91% effective

✅ 91 Day Money Back Guarantee

In clinical trials only ZYPPAH stopped
snoring for 91 out of 100 people.

Why you

Your tongue falls back into your throat, blocking your airway. ZYPPAH's patented tongue seatbelt gently holds your tongue in place, preventing you from being able to snore.

If the mouthpiece you bought isn’t working, it’s because it doesn’t have ZYPPAH’s seatbelt for the tongue. Get a ZYPPAH and see the quiet difference.

How we
Stack up

Compared all other anti-snoring mouthpieces, we’re 2-5 times more effective at stopping snoring.

91% effective
Custom fit
FDA cleared
Patented Seatbelt for the Tongue
Longest Money Back Guarantee
60 Days
30 Days
Exceeds medical standards
Provides extra comfort

Why does ZYPPAH provide the longest money back guarantee? We are not afraid to have the longest guarantee because we know it works.

Before & After ZYPPAH

Buy Now

Experience the difference.

What to expect

Your first 30 days

Week 1

Get familiar

Wear 15 minutes daily.

Week 2

Get comfortable

Wear one hour before bed.

Week 3

Almost there

Wear while sleeping.

Week 4

You're a pro

Sleep silently all night.

Join 500,000+ happy customers

"This product is amazing, I am so happy it got here so quickly it couldn't have come at anymore of an opportune time. The love of my life bless her heart snores so loud, it makes it almost impossible to sleep through the night. She sounds like a diesel engine running. However ever since we order this she has been so quite I am finally able to sleep through the night. The product is amazing. I'm so glad I found it."


"Stops snoring night one. I Highly recommend Zyppah. Great product! I have been using Zyppahs for over two years now. Amazing night sleep and basically saved my marriage and job! I recommend Zyppah to everyone."


"Ive used the Zyppah for 3 years.... am a big fan of this device as is my wife. Zyppah has changed the way that we both sleep. Ive recommended the zyppah to many friends and acquaintances."


"After 20 years suffering snoring problems, including a surgery without results, this apliance finally solved the problem. Additionally, it replaced my old device for teeth grinding. Great product."


"I have bought other brands/types in the past. This one truly works! Finally I get rested when I sleep. Super easy to custom mold to my liking. I decided to go with the glow in the dark as my home use for my wife loves to chat after I am already and set to sleep. Makes for easier locating. I also use one for my out of town as I stay away very frequently."


"The Zyppah has really helped me sleep better. The rubber strap across the back of the mouthpiece is the big key to a restful sleep. I love my Zyppah and have bought several over the years. I strongly recommend one if you snore or have breathing issues at night!"


"The Zyypah has eliminated my snoring. I get a good nights sleep and therefore am more energetic the whole day long. No teeth grinding either! Ive been using one since I first heard Jimmy on a radio as two or three years ago and havent looked back!"


"Truly amazing. For 30 years Ive been snoring at least an hour a night. Since I started tracking my sleep, I typically go between shallow and deep sleeps four or five time a night, but with my Zyppah, I stay in deep sleep for 4-5 hours a night and only go into shallow sleep when I first go to sleep and when Im waking up in the morning! This is the product Ive been praying would be created for years, but never believed would actually come to light! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!"


"Works perfectly, took me about 2 nights to get used to it. I am familiar with wearing mouth pieces after years of playing football and other contact sports so molding the Zyppah and wearing it was second nature. My wife is amazed at how well it works, this was actually a gag gift to her for xmas because she constantly complained about my snoring. We are now both getting excellent sleep. I would highly recommend t anyone and everyone that has a snoring problem."


Got questions?
Get answers
How does ZYPPAH work?

ZYPPAH works on the first night for almost everyone. If it doesn’t work for you immediately, our amazing customer service team has over a decade of experience ensuring you are one of our 91% successful customers. If you truly want to stop your snoring, there is nothing even close.

91-Day Guarantee

If ZYPPAH doesn’t solve your snoring problem, return it for a full refund with our 91 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Is ZYPPAH safe?

Yes. ZYPPAH has been FDA cleared and is made from non-toxic materials.

How long will it take to work?

ZYPPAH works on the first night for almost everyone. If it doesn't work for you immediately, our customer service team has over a decade of experience helping people with their mouthpiece, or you may return for a full refund.

Is ZYPPAH worth it?

Do you want to stop snoring? Why would you buy a mouthpiece with a 15%-45% success rate when you could buy a ZYPPAH with a proven 91% success rate?