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How to work from your bedroom without ruining your sleep, according to experts

One of the benefits — and curses — of working from home is the close proximity to your bed.

Even if you don’t work from your bedroom, chances are, you’ve snuck off there between meetings for an afternoon nap or a quick TikTok break: 65% of remote employees have worked from their beds since the start of the pandemic, according to a June 2021 survey of 1,520 Americans by contractor leads service CraftJack.

But if you start to notice that you are struggling to fall or stay asleep, or your sleeping and working hours are becoming more erratic, your shared work and sleep space is likely to blame, Dr. Ilene Rosen, an associate professor of medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania who studies sleep, says — especially if you work from your bed.

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Funny Sleep Puns & Jokes

Some people have nightmares while some have just plain bizarre dreams. Whatever kind of dreamer you are, if you need funny sleep puns and jokes, you’ll never be caught napping again!

That’s because you couldn’t dream of better sleep puns than these. So enjoy them.

Sleep Science

A Stanford Dropout Helps People Reset Their Sleep Through A Personalized Digital Sleep Clinic

Chronic sleep issues plague the majority of American adults, and most of them cannot find the time or afford expensive sleep clinics or medication. Simple Habit, founded by Stanford GSB dropout Yunha Kim in August 2017, is a popular meditation app with over five million users. Recently, Kim and her team launched Sleep Reset, “a digitalized, personalized sleep clinic,” after two years of development in stealth mode.

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Sleep Hacks

8 Tips on How to Sleep Cool Next to a Hot-Sleeping Partner

Have you ever woken up feeling second-hand warmth by sleeping close to a hot-sleeping partner? Maybe you are the hot sleeper who radiates heat while you sleep next to your loved one. Unfortunately, as you might have experienced, sleeping hot can put a huge damper on your quality of rest.

It turns out that thermoregulation, your body's temperature regulation function, has a strong link to your body's sleep processes. There's a reason why experts recommend you sleep in a temperature between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead of kicking your S.O. to the couch or your spare bedroom, consider the tips below to keep you cool while you're in between the sheets.

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14 Supplements for More Restful Sleep

With the stress of the day, all the blue light we’re looking at and the caffeine we’ve had throughout the morning, it can feel impossible to get a good night’s sleep. Sometimes all we need is a little help from some supplements to get us to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. We’ve rounded up the best sleep supplements, from melatonin-free supplements to decadent drinking powders.

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Zyppah Customer Spotlight

Name: Brenda T.

Age: 61

Years of snoring (spouse): 11

Number of snoring products tried: 1

Experience: My husbands snoring was louder than the tv speakers turned as high as they'd go. His snoring had gotten so loud that after 33 years together we were looking at sleeping in separate rooms. I saw the Zyppah on tv and thought why not and ordered it. My husband was less than thrilled the first night he put it in his mouth and told me I was crazy. He fell asleep and wasn't snoring for the first time ever. When I woke up a couple hours later I jumped out of bed and went to his side of the bed to make sure he was still alive! The first few nights it did fall out a few times but after that he keeps it in and sleeps! He takes it with him when he goes off for work even when I'm not with him! Without his Zyppah he says his sleep is terrible! Better attitude for both of us now that we can each get a great nights sleep! Our new puppy managed to get a hold of his Zyppah and used it as a chew toy :(. Hubby had a panic attack! Told him we had ordered the two pack so major situation averted. He had me order another set so he always has a spare just in case this happened again. This device is a dream come true!

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Q & A

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Q: What does “circadian rhythm” mean and how can you support it? (Luke P.)

A: Luke, circadian rhythm is an internal process that regulates our sleep–wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours. It is supported by a regular sleep schedule as well as natural fluctuation in day and night hormones, daylight and darkness, and body temperature. Irregular sleep times, heavy use of stimulants or alcohol, jetlag, and chronic stress can mess with this rhythm. You can support the circadian rhythm through a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, being active and outdoors during the day, and switching off in the evening (lights and devices, as well as your mind and body!). The natural sleep hormone melatonin support sleepiness in the evening. Following good guidelines allows melatonin to work for us. Some people take a melatonin supplement, especially during periods when they are struggling with their sleep rhythm or to combat jetlag.


Q: What can I do if I feel tired but when my head hits the pillow my mind starts racing? (Susan K.)

A: Susan, this is a common issue and worth experimenting with to find out what works. Scrolling through work emails in the evening is a bad idea for anyone who recognizes this tendency!

Well before bedtime, start slowing down and get ready for sleep with a good routine to “leave the day behind”. Some find it helpful to write a list of what’s ahead the next day to help them get some closure on the day and accept that not everything has to get done now. A perfectionist mind wants to get it all done, but we need to learn to accept our limits. You can also try some activities that help slow your mind down: classical or meditation music, meditation routines, breathing exercises, nature sounds, sleep stories, etc.

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