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The Best Of The Archives: Your Most Watched Products

Dear Newsletter Readers-

Another best of the archives, piping hot and ready to battle for top slot.

We spent 2020 reviewing, analyzing and marveling at a number of great sleep products (while soundly ignoring the one's that frankly, don't work) so you didn't have to!

At the end of the year, these were the most popular items we brought forth from the internet and into your inbox.

Let us know if we missed your favorite!

Have a marvelous Thursday, and remember to get some quality A sleep tonight.

You deserve it, and the you that wakes up on Friday will thank you.

-The Zyppah Team

The Pillow!


Look at your pillow, now back to me, now back to your pillow- now back to me.
Who knew your beloved current pillow could be your enemy?

The Bed!

The Pod! The Pod is Our Master!

Classic Toy Story joke, right there. (Ahem.)

The Pod is a mixed-foam mattress constructed with comfort layers of polyfoam and memory foam, followed by transitional and support layers of dense polyfoam.

Ahead of the competition in temperature control and...

The Watch!


Fitbit: Your At Hand Sleep Monitor

Fitbit trackers and watches use your sleeping heart rate movement and more to measure your time spent in each sleep stage and give you a personalized sleep score that shows how well you slept.

Plus, view your trends over time in the app, and see how your stats compare to others.

The Mask!


Masking A Problem Sometimes Works

(Don't tell your therapist we said this, it'll make them livid.)

If you’re one of many adults who wants to get more and better quality shut-eye, don’t underestimate the power of a high-quality sleep mask.

It may seem like a simple solution to a complex problem, but some people swear by eye masks for sleeping.

Q & A

Our readers are invited to email us with their questions!

Q: I heard sleep apnea can cause Alzheimers, is that really true? (Stanley Y. )

A: Hello Stanley!

The world congress on alzheimers a few years back came away with the scary news that the correlation between alzheimers and untreated sleep apnea was undeniable and significant.


Q: If I increase the strength of my jaw will that help prevent OSA? (
Jacob S.)

A: Hi Jacob!

So the answer is no, increasing the strength of the jaw won’t impact much, however improving the strength of your tongue will. Tongue exercises or playing a musical instrument that involves significant use of the tongue can significantly improve snoring and sleep apnea. One example is the didgeridoo.


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