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How Sleep Helps To Process Emotions

Researchers at the Department of Neurology of the University of Bern and University Hospital Bern identified how the brain triages emotions during dream sleep to consolidate the storage of positive emotions while dampening the consolidation of negative ones. The work expands the importance of sleep in mental health and opens new ways of therapeutic strategies.

Rapid eye movement (REM or paradoxical) sleep is a unique and mysterious sleep state during which most of the dreams occur together with intense emotional contents. How and why these emotions are reactivated is unclear. The prefrontal cortex integrates many of these emotions during wakefulness but appears paradoxically quiescent during REM sleep. «Our goal was to understand the underlying mechanism and the functions of such a surprising phenomenon», says Prof. Antoine Adamantidis from the Department of Biomedical Research (DBMR) at the University of Bern and the Department of Neurology at the Inselspital, University Hospital of Bern.

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Funny Sleep Puns & Jokes

Some people have nightmares while some have just plain bizarre dreams. Whatever kind of dreamer you are, if you need funny sleep puns and jokes, you’ll never be caught napping again!

That’s because you couldn’t dream of better sleep puns than these. So enjoy them.

Sleep Science

How Sleep Restriction Impacts Cortical Inhibition in Patients With Migraine

Among individuals with migraine in the period between migraine attacks, the activity of the neurons that selectively offset the action of other neurons (GABAergic cortical inhibition) is reduced by sleep restriction, according to study findings published recently in Clinical Neurophysiology.

The functional changes accompanying migraine are not clearly understood, and although lack of sleep is associated with migraine, the relationship between sleep shortage and migraine is unresolved. The objective of the current study is to examine how insufficient sleep affects migraine.

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Sleep Hacks

5 Sleep Myths to Stop Believing (About Bedroom Temperature, Nighttime Workouts & More)

In your quest for a good night’s sleep, you’ve cut out foods that can wreak havoc on your sleep, you’ve done the research and found the best pillow for your sleep style and you’ve even decorated your bedroom with plants scientifically proven to promote better sleep. Still you find yourself tossing and turning and wishing that damn melatonin would do something already. Could it be that you’ve fallen for a sleep myth that’s secretly preventing you from getting a restful night?

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New chin device revolutionizes process of diagnosing sleep apnea

A new device that has received initial clearance from the Food and Drug Administration shows signs of becoming a gamechanger in the way doctors diagnose sleep apnea.

The condition not only leads to restless nights but is also associated with some serious cardiovascular issues. Detection is key! Many people don’t even know they have sleep apnea.

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Zyppah Customer Spotlight

Name: Deborah L.

Age: 51

Years of snoring: 7

Number of snoring products tried: 2

Experience: I've been using this device for a few years and it's been terrific in preventing my terrible snoring and teeth grinding. The fact that I can easily get a good fit without going to a dentist and going through the time and expense of getting a mouthpiece seals the deal. I buy two at a time so that I always have a backup in case I misplace one. I know my sleep quality has improved because I used to practically fall asleep at my desk in the afternoon but not anymore

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Q & A

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Q: Do you have any tips for getting children to resettle at night? Both of mine (3 and 5) wake up in the night and struggle to settle again. (Cara D.)

A: Cara, approach to bedtime “pop ups” can be quite different depending on the underlying reason for the awakening and there can be considerable difference between the reason for both your 3 and 5 year-olds.

For parents with multiple kids, staggering this routine may also be a “special time” for individual, undivided attention for those 15 minutes prior to bed. This routine also avoids surprises and soothes children’s sense of security in that they “always” know what comes next if anxiety is one of the variables keeping your child from feeling rested.


Q: Is there any truth that some essential oils can help you to fall asleep? (Hailey F.)

A: Hailey, yes, most of the concrete work has been done with lavender. Several well-done studies have shown that lavender, whether applied via a diluted spray or a candle or directly on the skin, can help to induce a state of relaxation that may be conducive to sleep


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