What is a Zyppah?

Jan 12th 2024

Ah, the age-old question…what is a Zyppah? As important and persistent as the other BIG questions; where do we come from? How did we get here? Are aliens real?? Technically, a more proper phrasing of “what is a Zyppah” would be “what is Zyppah” or “what is the Zyppah snoring mouthpiece?” But rega …

What is a Zyppah mouthpiece used for?

Jun 11th 2023

This question can be answered in one sentence. A Zyppah mouthpiece is used to help stop people from snoring. There all done. Time to read something else? Not really. After all, aren't you curious about how it does that exactly? Snoring does seem like one of those facts of life. People snore, and b …