Zyppah Reviews: Sleep's Favorite Product

Nov 16th 2020

Happy Sleeptember everyone!We at Zyppah are beyond thrilled that the month of “Happy Z’s”have arrived, and in celebration of our absolute favorite holiday season we’ll be diving into what makes Zyppah a staple item in this month of festivities. Get ready for a light-hearted article chock full of reliable Zyppah reviews, insider information on why Zyppah works, how it relates to relationships, and the lowdown on what exactly the exclusive Z-Factor™ is.

So—are you ready? Great, let’s begin!

Snoring, Sleep, & Relationships

Not to sound overly prophetic, but in order to truly understand why Zyppah garners the best reviews, you must first understand snoring. While you may associate the word with the obnoxious noise roaring out in the night, possibly from your roommate or significant other’s mouth, there is much more to this pesky disturbance. Snoring is a very real and widespread sleep disorder, associated with a number of equally real health consequences. But what causes it?

Essentially, snoring is caused by a blockage in the airway. When your body falls asleep, its muscles relax—all its muscles. This means that the throat, the roof of your mouth and your tongue also relax. Sometimes, this relaxing results in a blockage of the air passage. As a result, a sort of turbulence takes place as the airflow is disrupted and effectively vibrates against the muscles, releasing that grating, gravelly sound we are all (unfortunately) familiar with. In particular, the tongue is a major culprit when it comes to blockage. While the tongue muscle relaxes, it droops backwards and quite honestly makes for a wonderful obstructer of air.

When people snore during their sleep, it’s not uncommon that their own snoring or inability to get enough air will rouse them from sleep. This can be very disruptive to someone’s sleep cycle and effectively lead to drowsiness, lack of focus, headaches, depression, and a multitude of other side effects. It’s not only the snorer who might be affected, though. Should there be a significant other or roommate around, snoring will undoubtedly disrupt their sleep, as well. In turn, this will affect their ability to get enough sleep to function optimally as well. Moreover, it can be a major point of contention between couples.

This may or may not come as a surprise (depending upon your and your partner’s snoring habits) but after infidelity and financial issues, snoring is the third leading cause of divorce. Not only can it be a source of argument and resentment, it can lead to a reduction in intimacy. As well, not getting enough sleep makes you—well, grumpy! You’re not your clearest, most rational self. It’s not far off to say that this altered state of mind can exacerbate the already existing negative feelings surrounding the sleep disruption.

The Z-Factor™

What is the Z-Factor™ and how does it relate to snoring and Zyypah’s pristine reviews? Well, Zyppah is the only product of its kind that has the Z-Factor™, which is essentially a an innovative technological created by Dr. Greenburg, the founder of Zyypah. To simplify it, the Z-Factor™ is basically a seatbelt for your tongue. As we just learned, the tongue is sort of the villain when it comes to air blockage. The Z-Factor™ effectively holds the tongue and prevents it from falling backwards, and thus from blocking the air. This allows for a clear airway for air to flow, without the noisy vibrations responsible for so many health concerns and relationships failed.

There are many other types of snoring mouthpieces, but in comparison, they don’t quite stack up when looking at Zyypah reviews and research. One such example is Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs). These devices attempt to aid snoring by pushing the jaw forward in an effort to prevent air blockage. The issue here is that one common side effect is teeth soreness and shifting. Basically, some unpleasant and unwanted dentist visits are not out of question down the road. This seems like a lot to endure all to prevent an air blockage. If the tongue is the major issue, why not just target it directly? That thinking is exactly why Zyppah’s reviews shine above the rest.

And while there are other tongue-focused snoring devices, and some work better than others, none have the Z-Factor™. Another thing they don’t have, and possible the most important of all, is the research. In a clinical study, 91% of participants saw improvement with the Zyppah snoring mouthpiece with no serious side effects. Of the 9% that did not have “ideal” results, the explanation was one thing in particular: a slight gagging sensation. This can happen, and there’s a perfectly sound explanation for why. When we put on a mouthpiece, our mouths identify it as a foreign object. They’re not quite sure what to do. Is this food? So, they trigger salivation and a physical reaction. However, if you leave the device in a short period of time before bedtime, and give it a week, the gagging goes away. Compared to other side effects, this is minimal and, unlike others, conquerable!

Zyppah Reviews

Now for the good stuff! Don’t take it from us, take it from real customers who are overwhelmingly happy with the improved quality of their sleep, relationships and life!

“Zyppah is not only the most effective device I've tried it is the most comfortable. The band that goes across the back of the tongue is the difference maker compared with other styles of chin-forward devices. The custom fit to your teeth versus a 'tray' that the teeth is the most comfortable as the tray style can rub and irritate the gums, but Zyppah conforms to your teeth with no contact at the gum line.”

“I was about to be kicked out of my bedroom permanently so my partner could sleep without my snoring. Zyppah saved me from that!”

“I have been using Zyppah for several years and I love it. I sleep so much better because I use it and so does my wife. The tongue strap makes all the difference in how well it works to keep you from snoring.”

“The only anti-snoring device that actually worked for me. The [Z-Factor™] strap over tongue is genius.”

“When travelling and sharing hotel rooms and cabins, all of my companions complained about my snoring. I have purchased one unit and used it for several months now and am 100% satisfied. Ecstatic actually. So, I order a few more to keep in stock and I sincerely hope that you will find a way to keep on manufacturing and selling them.”

“I bought a different brand last year that was adjustable to the point that it gave me TMJ pain. I bought a Zyppah… I now understand the value of the [mouthpiece]. This prevents airway obstruction without too severe a jaw thrust. Love it. So does my wife.”