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Dr. Jonathan Greenburg

Inventor of Hybrid Concept for Oral Appliances

Bioengineering meets Dental Science

Dr. Jonathan Greenburg invented the Hybrid Concept for ZYPPAH oral devices after years of practical and theoretical research in the lab. Having treated thousands of patients at his five Southern California treatment centers he theorized that all of the oral devices being sold had failed to directly go after the tongue. In many cases, the standard oral appliances were minimally effective compared to other protocols that went directly after the tongue. Your tongue, which is a muscle, relaxes during sleep falls back and blocks your airway like a cork. The ZYPPAH tongue strap "uncorks" your airway. Dr. Greenburg, a bioengineer with a doctorate in dentistry, came up with the idea of combining the best of both worlds (mandibular advancement AND tongue stabilization). Just like hybrid cars combine the best of an electric and gas engine. He spent years refining his designs and was awarded with FDA clearance of his advanced hybrid inventions which are patented and patent-pending. Dr. Greenburg is one of the foremost experts on sleep interrupted breathing.