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To ensure success and to get the maximum benefit from your ZYPPAH Snoring Solution, follow these guidelines:

BE PATIENT: It takes time to get used to sleeping with an oral appliance. It could take up to a few weeks to get comfortable wearing it through the entire night. In most cases, when you first try on your new ZYPPAHyour subconscious mind will not understand what’s going on. It will think you just put a large piece of food in your mouth and you’ll start to salivate. This is normal. After a few days this will subside.

WEAR IT BEFORE BEDTIME: We recommend wearing it at least 30-60 minutes before bedtime for best results. Try wearing your ZYPPAH just a few minutes at a time in the beginning, but do this frequently. As it feels more comfortable, you will be able to wear it all night. Also to help the adjustment period, get distracted by watching TV or reading a book during the hour before bed when wearing your ZYPPAH.

WATCH THE INSTRUCTION VIDEO: Dr. Greenburg, inventor of the ZYPPAH, has helped thousands of patients for snoring and sleep apnea. In the instruction video he demonstrates how to properly custom fit the ZYPPAH to ensure maximum success. Click Here for Instruction Video