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Has snoring been affecting your sleep, or even worse: affecting the sleep of your spouse? Snoring can seriously disrupt a person's ability, as well as their spouse's ability, to get a good night's sleep and feel rested in the morning. Snoring is a much more serious problem than many people believe, and fixing it and help you well-being.

What is snoring and why is it bad?

As you likely already know, when we fall asleep, all the muscles in our body relax. There are two main muscles groups which attribute to snoring: the tongue and the muscles in the lower jaw. Snoring is commonly a two fold issue. Firstly, as you sleep, the muscles in your jaw begin to relax and the jaw slowly falls back, slightly constricting the airway. Secondly, when your tongue relaxes, it falls into the back of your mouth, obscuring your airway. In both cases, the cause of the sound associated with snoring is actually turbulent air. Whether your jaw relaxes back, or your tongue falls back, both are restricting the size of your airway, making the air that travels in and out of it quicker and more turbulent- this causes the famous snoring sound. 

Snoring can lead to much more significant issues, including sleep apnea. The reduction of the size of and the constricting of the airway may cause you to momentarily stop and then restart breathing. Not only does this result in restless, potentially panic-filled nights, but it's also incredibly unhealthy and potentially dangerous. Addressing snoring quickly, effectively, and with the proper tools or devices is a critical aspect to preventing or alleviating sleep apnea.

What is an Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece?

Snoring Mouthpieces are exactly what they sound like: specifically designed devices to help alleviate or neutralize snoring all together in an attempt to improve the user's, and their spouse's, nights. There are a few different types of Snoring Mouthpieces, and they can be categorized into the root cause which they attempt to address: the tongue and the jaw.

Devices which address the tongue are generally small straps which hold the tongue down and in place while you sleep. This ensures that once you fall asleep and your muscles begin to relax, your tongue won't fall backwards and obstruct your airway. This kind of device is commonly referred to as a Tongue Stabilizing Device, or TSD for short.

There are two separate devices that are usually used to address the jaw's part in snoring: Mandibular Advancement Devices, or MADs, and Chin Straps. The former is worn as a mouthpiece and gently pushes the jaw forward, making sure that it does not slide back once its muscles relax. The latter firmly hold your jaw in place while you sleep. It's important to note that of all these devices, Chin Straps have received the least amount of research and are therefore not as commonly recommended as TSDs or MADs. 

Zyppah's Unique Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Solution

Zyppah offers a unique approach to the Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece solution. Rather than focusing on the tongue or the jaw, Zyppah offers a solution which addresses both root issues at their core: the tongue and the jaw. This mouthpiece helps hold your jaw forward to ensure that it doesn't slide back when asleep, and also has a built in strap for your tongue to hold it in place while you sleep. Of participants in a study conducted, 91% reported that the device was effective. It is common for people to say that the Snoring Mouthpiece is uncomfortable when they start using it initially. We suggest wearing it for a few hours before bed, or only while awake for a few days to become accustomed to its feeling. This way, it will be far more comfortable when you start to use it while you go to bed.

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