• ZYPPAH Stops Snoring

    ZYPPAH Hybrid Oral Appliances represent the latest advancement in helping people who want to stop snoring. ZYPPAH is the only safe and effective oral appliance that combines two proven solutions. First, ZYPPAH stabilizes the tongue, the root cause of snoring, with a patent-pending band. And second, it advances the lower jaw, the primary component in all single-feature oral appliances for snoring.
  • Introducing ZYPPAH Pink

    The Pink ZYPPAH is about year-round Breast Cancer awareness and an unwavering commitment to raising money for an important cause. From April 1, 2014 through March 31, 2015, order a limited edition ZYPPAH Pink Hybrid Oral Appliance and we’ll donate $5.00 from every unit sold to Susan G. Komen®, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $25,000.
  • Trust Me, ZYPPAH Works!

    Americans have trusted me in their homes for over 30 years as a celebrity host. When I decided to stop snoring, I went to Dr. Jonathan Greenburg. I have been using ZYPPAH for over a year and can speak to the tremendous success I have personally experienced. ZYPPAH hybrid oral appliances are going to save a lot of relationships. I recommend ZYPPAH for anyone who snores because it works, I guarantee it!
  • Give the Gift of ZYPPAH

    Everybody Knows Somebody Who Snores! It's been estimated that snoring impacts over 90 million people. Think about all the people you know who snore. ZYPPAH is a perfect gift because you'll get a quiet night's sleep in return. You don't have to spend another night sleeping with snoring in your home. Take action today and give everyone who snores a ZYPPAH!
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What's a ZYPPAH?

ZYPPAH, pronounced (zee pah), is an FDA-cleared, self-molded, boil-and-bite, hybrid oral appliance for snoring that is safe, effective and easy to use. What makes ZYPPAH the trusted solution to eliminate snoring is the fact that it is the only treatment with two solutions to stop snoring instead of one. The majority of snoring devices sold today only offer a single solution of advancing the jaw.

ZYPPAH Hybrid Oral Appliances are made in the USA. They are uniquely designed so the person using it can sleep in any position. It's sanitized during the self-molding process, fits comfortably inside the mouth, and opens the airway by stabilizing the tongue and advancing the jaw. The combination of these two solutions makes ZYPPAH a cost-effective, proven treatment to stop snoring. And the easiest way to remember the name ZYPPAH, is by knowing it's "Happy Z" spelled backwards.

Hybrid Oral Appliance

SOLUTION 1: (Advances the Lower Jaw) ZYPPAH uses mandibular repositioning to partially open the airway. This is the common feature in almost every snoring appliance sold. By advancing the lower jaw forward from its normal position during sleep, you can improve the airflow and reduce the snoring sound. Until the invention of a Hybrid Oral Appliance, the only means of treating snoring with an oral device was mandibular advancement. The challenge Dr. Greenburg encountered with normal oral appliances were the limits associated with advancing the lower jaw.

SOLUTION 2: (Stabilizes the Tongue) ZYPPAH is the only oral appliance that incorporates a patent-pending band to open the airway. The band specifically addresses the tongue and prevents it from blocking the airway. The tongue, which is a muscle, relaxes during sleep. The ZYPPAH elastic stabilizes the tongue. When combined with mandibular advancement, these two solutions create a highly effective treatment to eliminate snoring. The tongue relaxing is the root cause of snoring. It's why when you sleep on your back the snoring is usually louder. Gravity is causing the tongue to fall back. It's also why you are elbowed by your bed partner and asked to "roll over" and sleep on your side.

Hybrid Oral Appliance

Bring the "Whoopee" Back Into Your Bedroom.

Ask yourself, why aren't celebrities endorsing other snoring solutions? There are hundreds of snoring devices and oral appliances available, but ZYPPAH is the only solution with endorsements from celebrities and pro athletes.

Quote from Bob Eubanks: “People have trusted me in their homes for years and I trust Dr. Greenburg. I have been using the ZYPPAH anti-snoring appliance for months and can speak to the tremendous success I have personally experienced. ZYPPAH Hybrid Oral Appliances are going to save a lot of relationships. I recommend this for everyone who snores. It works.”

Dr. Greenburg Explains What Causes Snoring.

There are several misconceptions about snoring. Most people think snoring is caused by the nose. If that were true, then you'd snore when you're awake. It is accepted in both the medical and dental communities that snoring only occurs during sleep. In this short video, Dr. Greenburg explains what causes snoring.

Snoring is produced by accelerated air (turbulence) created when the tongue falls back and partially blocks the airway. Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, a dentist and bioengineer discovered by directly addressing the tongue blocking the flow of air; he was able to successfully eliminate snoring in thousands of his patients.

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