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Zyppah Really Works

Posted by Richard Coleman

Because it is not normal to sleep with something in your mouth, the device takes a little getting used to, but it really works. Because I have no awareness of my snoring I have to rely on my wife to tell me if she notices a difference and she says there definitely is, and believe me she would tell me if there wasn't! I also notice I seem to sleep better and wake up feeling more rested. This is a far better solution than wearing a CPAP or spending a lot of money on other methods. If you try Zyppah I would encourage you to not give up on it early because it is a little strange and uncomfortable at first. I noticed enough difference on the first night that I wanted to get through that initial adjustment period and I am glad I did.

Thank you

Posted by Carl Richard Burden

I bought this because my wife told me that my snoring had gotten really bad. I really did it because I felt sorry for her but little did I know how much I would benefit from it. I sleep so much better and I wake up feeling so much more rested than I did before. It took me a couple of weeks to get used to it but it has been so worth it. Thank you for this product, it really has increased the quality of my sleep.....

Happy Zzzzzzzzzz

Posted by Steven D.

I don't even think about sleeping without my Zyppah. My snoring was so bad that I would literally wake myself up, and the quality of my sleep was horrible. With my Zyppah, I wake up feeling like I've actually slept, and am sleeping better than I have in years.

Marriage saver!

Posted by Jody

My wife loves this! She can now fall asleep a lot quicker without a snoring monster laying next to her.

So far so good

Posted by Kristen C.

I'm still getting used to it. But I feel I have actually gotten a better sleep with it. My snores aren't waking me up.

It really does work!

Posted by Heidi Berman

I bought this appliance for my husband, so that I could get some sleep. I was doubtful of the claims, but figured I had nothing to lose. Amazing! I would say that it has cut down on his crazy snoring by 90%! It's huge. You can actually tell it's working. Sometimes, there are some snorts and sounds, but I can tell you that the improvements are notable. A lifesaver!!!

Game changer!

Posted by Ellen Zetmeir

My boyfriend couldn't hear me snoring and assumed I was awake! Wow!

It worked the first night !

Posted by Tamara Johnston

I was very sceptical at first but it was very easy to get used to from the beginning. It worked the first night. I have a small mouth and it fits nicely. So glad I purchased Zyppah.

Nothing Else Worked

Posted by Glenda Truett

Zyppah is the only thing that works. The main reason we snore is the tongue resonates on the soft pallet in the back of the mouth. This holds the tongue down so it doesn't do that...botta bing! No snoring!

Zyppah works!!!!

Posted by James Gordon

I have tried 3 different devices, some better than others, however Zyppah is the first to completely STOP me from snoring. Since I have worn snoring oral appliances in the past, Zyppah to little time to get use to, was easy to prep and fit and worked the first time I used it. Thank you Zyppah for helping me.

My 2nd one!!

Posted by Carol Mcknight

My second purchase & it works great, just like the first one !!!!

Actually works!


I was skeptical that the Zyppah would work but it actually stopped all my snoring! I'm on week two and getting used to sleeping with it in my mouth more each night. As the instructions spell out it does take a little bit to train your brain to accept it as part of your sleeping routine. My wife thanks you Zyppah.

Zyppah Works!

Posted by Gregg L

Just bought my second and third Zyppah based on a sale offered by the company so that I had spares no matter where I am. I have been using my first Zyppah for about 6 months now and it absolutely works. I'm sleeping better, and my fiancé reports that I'm no longer snoring. I noticed I'm actually dreaming again, indicating I'm achieving REM sleep once again. Thanks for saving my life, Zyppah!

Real Great

Posted by PJ Persichini

Have used them for a year - works wonderfully. I would highly recommend and I do to all of my friends.


Posted by Tony Salay

If you have throat smoring this is the only appliance that works. Could have a little better craftsmanship as the mold inside the rim doesn't hold up more than 6-8 months. But in all fairness I do clench a lot so I have a tendency to break these down. Like any appliance it does take getting use to. Stick with It. Snoring is dangerous.

Stopped snoring after two years!

Posted by Sue Labate

The Zyppah was recommended by my ENT. Took me three days to adjust to sleeping with it , but after 2 years of snoring, that was nothing. My spouse of 37 years is now back in bed with me, hallelujah !


Posted by Eddy S.

My wife wakes me up and makes me put my Zyppah in my mouth. Definitely helps me get a better sleep at night. Thank you!!

A new lease on life!

Posted by Terri Kepner

This is the second ZYPPAH I have purchased. I cannot sleep without them!!! What a new lease on life they have given me along with stellar zzzzzzz's and NO snoring =^) THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this product! My husband can't thank you enough as well ;^)

Worth the investment.

Posted by JJS

We live in Indiana & I bought this mouthpiece after struggling with snoring all my life. My wife & I haven't slept in the same bed in years. I was up late one night looking at snoring remedies & found the NBC Nightly News video for this product. I would have probably never spent the $100 if I didn't watch it. I decided to try because we've done everything: lose weight, stop smoking, nose strips, Afrin, oral medicines, etc. with no luck. This product worked the first night. We are only three weeks in but now sleep in the same bed again & feel married again. It doesn't take much getting used to & kind of reminds me of sleeping when I had braces/headgear/retainer when I was a teenager without the pain in the morning. It's different, but I can honestly say it has worked for us. Good luck with your snoring. If your wife is worth it, invest the money and take the chance. 6/27/17

It works!

Posted by Renee Ridling

Was skeptical, but willing to try it. My husband and I are both amazed. Did have to re-mold it to get it right. Does take some getting used to, but worth it. I would highly recommend this appliance.

4 star

Posted by Liam Morgan

works fine, still adjusting fit

Life changer

Posted by tim gray

Works great! My wife is devastated though as we just went on a trip and I lost it. I'm on a police disability so it'll be awhile before I can get another one

Great device.

Posted by Rich C

Zyppah works as described. According to my better half, she is now able to get a full nights sleep without my snoring interuptions.

great device

Posted by Jonathan LaBella

Works well. Iwould recommend this product. It is more comfortable than i thought and im back in bed.

Back in bed

Posted by J.D. Roy

All I can say is I am finally back in the bed with my beautiful wife. Enough said!

It works great!

Posted by Chris Steele

It took about a week to get used to the appliance, but I stopped snoring on the very first night. I also quit tossing and turning at night and have been getting a great nights sleep every night!

Effective in addressing the snoring

Posted by Paul Barrows

Very effective with the snoring but I'm having some trouble getting used to wearing it.

No questions, it works

Posted by Jeffrey Sherman

I have been using my zyppah for about three weeks. It unquestionably works. It took a few days to get used to in terms of saliva. My snoring has been virtually (if not entirely) eliminated.

Good Investment

Posted by Kevin W.

This is the 2nd Zyppah for me. I have been using this for well over a year now, and I sleep better as does my wife. I recommend it to anyone who has snoring problems. It is comfortable, durable and easy to clean.


Posted by Tim

I recently started using this product and it really works

Works great!

Posted by Jeremy W.

It works great! It takes some time to get use to it, but once you do it's no problem. My wife loves it because I don't snore with it in.

The ZYPPAH Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Device is the only snoring solution of it's kind. ZYPPAH (Happy Z spelled backwards) is an FDA-cleared, self-molded, boil-and-bite oral appliance that is effective, safe and easy to use, and Made in the USA. Get the most popular hybrid-oral snoring appliance and eliminate your snoring.

What makes ZYPPAH an effective solution to eliminate snoring and different from every snoring aid sold, is that ZYPPAH is the only product that combines two solutions to solve snoring problems instead of a one solution like every other snoring mouthpiece sold today. ZYPPAH has our patent-pending tongue strap that gently holds and stabilizes your tongue, and combines that feature with with mandibular advancement. The ZYPPAH tongue strap holds the tongue, preventing it from falling back into the throat. This revolutionary concept of a tongue strap opens the airway during sleep. The tongue, which is a muscle, relaxes during sleep. Mandibular Advancement is is the same feature used by every snoring aid including ZYPPAH. Mandibular advancement, or repositioning, means advancing the jaw forward.

It is a common misconception for people to think snoring is caused by the nose. If that were true, people would snore during the day when awake, but they don't. Snoring only occurs during sleep. What most snoring sufferers do not realize is that snoring is caused by the tongue falling back and blocking the airway. As the airway closes, turbulent air is forced through the narrow opening creating the snoring sound.  By moving the tongue out of the way, the snoring is eliminated and because you are getting better airflow, your sleep improves as well.  The tongue, not the nose or throat is the root cause of snoring making ZYPPAH one of the most-effective solutions available today.  ZYPPAH directly prevents your tongue from blocking the airway, which is why our tongue strap is so revolutionary.

Every ZYPPAH comes with a 90-Day warranty and is guaranteed to work or your money back.  We provide 24/7 live customer service and all of the ZYPPAH customer care representatives live and work here in the United States.

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