Zyppah Patented Hybrid Design. 90 Day Money back Guarantee. Stop Your Snoring.


The Original Zyppah is our best-selling device. To date, it has helped tens of thousands of people eliminate their snoring problems – and it can help you, too.

Here's what happens: When individuals fall asleep, their tongues relax and settle into the back of their throat, diminishing the path of their natural airway. Then, snoring happens when air is forced through this narrow airway.

The only anti-snoring device with a 2-step hybrid design:

First, the patented tongue strap gently cradles your tongue forward, to keep it from relaxing backwards during sleep. Second, Zyppah advances your lower jaw forward to further keep your airway open.

Zyppah is similar to a teeth-grinding-prevention nightguard – except it is clinically designed to help keep your airways open, so you stop snoring.

This device is easily molded at home for a custom-fit. Just follow the directions and with regular use, snoring goes away.

Our Customer Support Teams are standing-by, ready to help answer any questions you may have – and every Zyppah comes with a 
90-day money-back guarantee. We are 100% committed to helping you eliminate snoring

BPA-free materials. FDA Cleared, Tested to USP Class VI Standards. Made in the U.S.A.

Zyppah is the original and #1 anti-snoring device in the market. You know our name, you know what we do:

Zyppah helps you stop snoring - because no one wants to sleep in the same room with someone who snores.