Zyppah Complete Kit - Double Pack


Product Description

Twice as many restful nights

  • 2 Oral Appliances

  • 1 Appliance Cleaners

  • 1 *NEW* Nasal Strips

Zyppah is the only anti-snoring device that is proven to be 91% effective in an independent clinical study. The patented technology was designed by Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, a biomedical engineer, world renowned dentist, and one of the foremost authorities on snoring treatment.

Z-Clean - Anti-Bacterial cleaning solution to safely clean your Snoring or Sleep Apnea devices. Get true oral hygiene that makes your appliance as fresh & clean as the first time.

Zyppah Nasal Strips:Powered by our proprietary Z-flex technology, once applied, the bands flex to open the nasal passageways to help you breathe better through your nose. The strips are placed across the nose with a unique adhesive that allows for a secure hold, comfort, and easy, residue-free removal.

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