The Zyppah Snoring Mouthpiece

Nov 16th 2020

The world of wellness is a vast and variable one. Trends and products pop up as frequently as dandelions in spring, constantly adding to and evolving the landscape that is this incredibly important (and profitable)industry. However, the legitimacy of many trends and their subsequent products are not always clear (retweet: profitable industry). Many businesses’ concern with the effectiveness of their products or even the seriousness of the supposed issue it’s advertised to address are, well…suspect, to say the least. Too often, they’re simply looking to get a piece of the action spurred by the latest craze.

Sleep is an area of concern that consistently receives major attention in the wellness world, largely because we already know how important sleep is! It’s no fad being sold to the people for profit—it’s fact. It’s no wonder then that snoring also receives attention, given our equally factual knowledge of its negative effects on sleep. Yet, despite the importance of sleep and negative effects of snoring being widely accepted, verifiable truths, there are still disingenuous products promising false improvement to the masses. So, the real question becomes, how does one find products that actually work?

To save you precious time and energy, we’re going to cut to the chase. When it comes to snoring, one product in particular stands out amongst the others: the snoring mouthpiece. It’s not by sheer luck that these devices have found their way onto center stage—it’s true talent. We’re going to learn about why that is, and more specifically, why Zyppah’s snoring mouthpiece has dominated the spotlight. Zyppah’s snoring mouthpiece is the only of its kind clinically proven to treat snoring. Others can merely claim to do the same.

In order to properly explain why this is, we must start with the basics.

All About Snoring

Snoring is much more than the raucous reverberations ringing out into the night from someone’s mouth, undoubtedly keeping you awake and inspiring some surprisingly sinister thoughts. It is an actual medical condition related to some very real health consequences.

The scientific explanation behind the unpleasant noise we are all unfortunately familiar with is actually quite simple. When we sleep, our muscles relax. Naturally, this includes our throat and tongue. For some, the muscles’ relaxation can lead to a blockage of the air passage. As breathing takes place, the airflow causes the muscle tissues to vibrate and produce sound, a.k.a. “snoring.” The likelihood of a blockage occurring can be increased by a number of factors, including mouth anatomy, nasal problems and sleep position.

Snoring is linked to many negative health consequences. Among these are difficulty concentrating, high blood pressure, certain behavioral problems in children, headaches, chest pain at night, and pauses in breathing during sleep. This last symptom is often associated with another condition called obtrusive sleep apnea (OSA), which can be catastrophic to one’s health. OSA is characterized by moments during sleep where breathing nearly stops or stops entirely. This can be extremely disruptive to one’s sleep cycle, the lapse in breathing may jolt the person awake, likely gasping for air or in a panic. But wait, it gets worse.

The gaps in breathing can effectively limit the amount of oxygen able to get to our brain, a process known as oxygen saturation. When our oxygen saturation is lowered significantly, the level of oxygen in our blood is reduced and a buildup of carbon dioxide can occur. This is a very serious side effect that can lead to brain damage, memory problems, cardiovascular problems, eye problems, mood swings, and more.

All About Snoring Mouthpieces

As mentioned earlier, there are a multitude of products aimed at reducing or eliminating snoring. Frankly, some of them are a bit bogus. They attempt to alleviate snoring by targeting factors that may or may not influence the presence and severity of it, and in doing so, ignore the root cause. Products like snoring pillows, nasal trips and supplements fail to address what’s truly causing the snoring—the relaxed muscles. Namely, the tongue.

The tongue is a major culprit when it comes to snoring. Basically, your tongue goes to sleep when you do. As it rests, it falls back and creates a blockage in an airway which, as we now know, leads to the cacophonous rattling noise responsible for the demise of so many relationships. Think we’re being dramatic? Go ahead and google “snoring and relationships,” we dare you.

Now, some snoring mouthpieces directly tackle the root issue, while others approach is more inadvertent. Mandibular Advancing Devices (MADs) are more the latter type. Basically, this type of snoring mouthpiece is fitted to the mouth and aims to move the jaw forward in order to prevent blockage. While this can work effectively, the side effects can be a bit severe. Teeth shifting and tooth discomfort can occur and possibly lead to some unwelcome dentist visits in the future. Seems a bit risky for a snoring device, no?

Many feel the same way, which is why they choose Tongue Stabilizing Devices (TSDs). These mouthpieces get right to it by preventing the tongue from falling back and blocking the air passage. A simple solution for what is often a simple issue. Seems obvious, right? Well, each snoring mouthpiece company has their own tactics, and truth be told some work better than others. While it is always recommended to speak to a medical professional before implementing a new system into your health regiment, allow us to explain why Zyypah works best.

All About Zyypah

What makes Zyypah stand out is that it is the only one of its kind proven to work. In a clinical study, Zyypah effectively treated snoring in 91% of participants. Moreover, the 9% that did not report ideal results were primarily explained by one side effect: gagging. Because the mouth identifies the device as a foreign object, it can sometimes signal salvation or gagging. However, nearly all individuals find that leaving the mouthpiece in for a little while before bedtime effectively eliminated the unwanted gagging sensation. Once your mouth becomes familiar with the mouthpiece, the gagging goes away and the other side effects of Zyppah’s snoring mouthpiece begin: snore-free sleeps, a well-rested mind and body, and a happy significant other!