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Wife loves it....

Posted by Bobby Rahrig

took about a week to get use to it, but my wife does not have to sleep on the couch anymore because of my snoring... Happy wife Happy life...

It works

Posted by Ram

It takes some getting used to if you're a mouth breather. But my wife says I don't snore when I'm wearing it. Giving it 4 stars instead of 5 for the price. It could be cheaper. Other than price, I highly recommend.

Good Device

Posted by Ed G.

Device is working well, takes a little getting use to.

Just plain works

Posted by Al N

Works great! Wife was amazed from the first night how I just stopped snoring. I can track my sleep activity on a Garmin vívosmart® HR+ and the Zyppah dramatically reduced my awake time during the night. Amazing. Thanks.


Posted by Jimi

I've snored for years, and sometimes woke myself in the middle of the night. A sleep study showed I do not have sleep apnea, so a CPAP machine was not ordered. The Zyppah worked the first night, and though it took some getting used to, it is money well spent. My wife used to wear earplugs to bed, but not anymore! Thanks, Zyppah!!

Works great

Posted by Alan Galins

does the job. My wife says I don't snore anymore. One ting I would change is making mouth piece could be could be more flexible to fit the mouth better.

Great product

Posted by Rick Fagan

The appliance worked great, snoring eliminated. It was easy to customize and had no trouble getting used to.

Very Helpful Product, Truly Surprising Results

Posted by Dieter Landenberger

Thank you for this product Zyppah. It's helped my girlfriend and I very much.

Happy Customers wife

Posted by Neil OHara

The Zyppah product did the trick. Helped me stop snoring and for my wife a better nights rest.

Great Results !

Posted by John P.

The appliance id comfortable and has stopped my snoring. So happy to be off the couch and back in bed. Lol !!!


Posted by Ronald Wasson

I really like the product. The customer service is excellent. The introduction video was really great and let me know what to expect with regards to getting used to the product. It works great.

Great gift

Posted by Chris

Got as a gift for my father in law and stopped his snoring. His wife and family are very grateful!

Life Saver

Posted by Tom Scheer

I have tried other devices and they don't work so I was skeptical about purchasing a Zyppah. I want to say I am so glad I did and so is my wife. My snoring was to a point that my wife wouldn't even sleep in the same room with me, it was ruing my life. Not anymore! The Zyppah has saved me, my life and most of all my marriage. I have not snored once since wearing my Zyppah, I sleep better and night and wake up feeling more rested than I have in years. Thank You !

Stop wasteing money

Posted by Edward Hanusik

I spent thousands on sleep study with little to no help. I got zyppa and started sleeping better the first night. Took a while to get used to it but I definitely recommend it.

Repeat Customer

Posted by Derek Bresson

A year ago I was reluctant to try the zyppah. Not even sure why I did except that I was beginning to get bad sleep and becoming more aware of my snoring. I bought, went on vacation, and for the last year have slept better and I am told I snore rarely now and much less severe. I cannot envision sleeping without one now. Only a few days to adjust to mouthpiece in, after that, I cannot sleep without. I feel great in the mornings now. Not afraid to sleep somewhere that I might wake someone. Customer service is tremendous. I am a customer for life. It might seem expensive but to have the confidence to to sleep well and not disturb others is priceless. Seems gimmicky with the commercials and all....but.....THIS THING WORKS!!!!!

One happy wife

Posted by James W Murratti

I read the literature on the zyppah device and it said it may take a while before you would see results. Fortunately for me, the results were immediate. It's nice to have a happy wife again.


Posted by Don De Masco

I couldn't be happier with the good night sleep I get with using the Zyppah

Peaceful Sleep...Finally

Posted by Jeff Ungerleider

This is my 2nd Zyppah appliance. I ordered and started using my first one in January of this year and have been very happy with it. The new one I got has been working as expected even though I'm not sure I took the best impression. The product is truly amazing in that, after more than 20 years of annoying snoring, it completely fixed the issue instantly. Thanks.

Sleeping Better

Posted by Robert Rosa

Both my wife and I are both sleeping better now that my snoring has stopped because the Zyppah. Delighted with the purchase.

Stop Keeping Your Wife Awake at Nights

Posted by John McNamara

I have purchased 3 of your devices. They work for me. You have excellent video and written instructions for preparing the device for use.

Great product

Posted by Russ Taggart

This has really helped reduce my snoring, I have tried others, this has given me the best results. The service afterwards has been excellent, lots of help with getting the fit just right.

Happy Wife

Posted by Randy Turnell

Wife loves it. She can sleep close to me now without my loud snoring.

Worked like a champ

Posted by Paul Childs

I bought the mouth piece with very low expectations! The very first night I used it my wife said that I only snored a little bit. Then next few nights I got used to the mouthpiece and I completely stopped snoring. It truly saved my life and my marriage..

Stop Snoring !!!

Posted by David V

Absolutely works. I do not snore anymore. For me it took some getting use too but after a few weeks I was able to tolerate it all night. Every night it gets easier to use. From day one i stopped snoring.


Posted by Rickey J Doggett

Worked perfect!! I have tried other similar devices with very little effect. This product works perfect. Completely eliminated my snoring and I get a full nights sleep now. Not to mention my girl friend lives it too!!!!

Military Approved

Posted by ken ishmael

I always knew I snored like a train, hence why i would find my wife sleeping in another bed most if not all nights.. Definitely put a strain on my Marriage and probably was a factor in its demise. I knew that while in 2003 when I was with my Marine Unit in Iraq my snoring was so loud it was joked I could give up our position to the enemy.. But now I have a Zyppah. What a difference it makes.. I now get a full nights sleep , My Girlfriend tells me that all she hears is breathing not snoring.. I retired from the Navy as a Corpsman, but if I had a Zyppah back than what a difference it would have meant. Thank You,, and thank you Jimmy,, yes you are a little annoying but you know how to get a point across.

My Wife is sleeping good now

Posted by Todd Graeser

Took a few days to get comfortable with it. I tried the Z-Quiet first, and it worked well for a while, but I think it wore out after a few months. The Zyppah has a strap that keeps the tongue down, which seems to help a lot. I have been using it for a couple of weeks, and the Wife hasn't had to use the spare bedroom yet.


Posted by Gary Williams

great product

Works like a charm!

Posted by Matthew Rogowski

Love my Zyppah! Works great when I don't have too many drinks and forget to put it in. Other than that, my wife is now sleeping soundly as am I.

Happy Wife

Posted by Randy Turnell

Wife loves it. She can sleep close to me now without my loud snoring.

Pastor Jim Stewart

Posted by James Stewart


Great combat

Posted by Sleep master

Finally something good to combat snoring

Difference Maker

Posted by EB

The is a great product..... easy to form mouthpiece to your teeth....getting much better sleep. I have more energy during the day.


Posted by Ruben Tavarez

Snoring stopped, wife very happy ! Thanks, ZYPPAH

So far so good

Posted by Pete Greil

i have stopped snoring thanks to this appliance, I have followed the instructions by Dr. Greenburg . Thank you! I feel better and more rested.

Zyppah works

Posted by Robert Gideon

My better half loves that she can sleep easy knowing that the freight train sleeping next to her has left the station permanently!!!


Posted by Sheila Hedger

It works!!!! The first night it was so quiet in the bedroom that we could not believe how much a difference the Zyppah makes. We both love this product and we are finally getting a great sleep. What a huge difference.

Great service

Posted by Peter Abbate

The product has helped a great deal and the service I received was outstanding

Wow. I can't believe it!

Posted by Richard Mohr

First night out I slept through the night. I haven't done that in years. My wife verified that there was no more snoring. This was least for me. Customer for life.

Great service

Posted by Peter Abbate

The product has helped a great deal and the service I received was outstanding

Takes some getting used to

Posted by Leighton Koberlein

Takes about a month to get used to the piece. Still causes some discomfort but getting better. At least my wife doesn't complain about the snoring anymore.

Actually works

Posted by Mark Benke

I was skeptical, but my wife was suffering, so I bought one. First night using it, no snoring. I found that I also slept better too. I've had it a month, and it has virtually eliminated snoring. I'm giving it 4/5. The reason I'm giving it 4 is that it isn't as comfortable as I hoped it would be. Totally worth it to not snore though.

Amazing results!

Posted by wife

I bought this for my husband who can snore me and the children out of the room! The first night he wore the ZYPPAH, I had to check to see if he was breathing since he was so quiet! It's great to be able to stay in my own bed all night without the "buzz saw".

Wow. I can't believe it!

Posted by Richard Mohr

First night out I slept through the night. I haven't done that in years. My wife verified that there was no more snoring. This was least for me. Customer for life.

wife is happy

Posted by Yolanda Blackwell

I've been snoring for years now I just barely make any noise..happy wife happy life thank you zyppah

Great night leads to great morning

Posted by Glennette Haney

The personal fit of the device is wonderful. It helps promote a great night's sleep and improve the next morning's activity.

Marriage Saver

Posted by Sean Simmons

Something that actually works.

Getting used to it

Posted by David Tamayo

It's only the last two nights that I've finally been able to sleep with the device in place all night. Getting used to having something in my mouth was the most difficult part of it. However, my wife has noticed that she is not hearing me snore - and that's a very good thing! I'm looking forward to sleeping with it regularly now and see how I feel each morning. Already I'm beginning to notice I have more energy when I wake up.

Review #1

Posted by Joy teague

This is review number one for a Zyppah device. My Zyppah was everything I expected it to be. It was easy to mold and the directions were easy to follow. Unfortunately, my dog thought it was appealing too and my zyppah met it's untimely demise.

It works

Posted by Jeff Vetter

All I have to say is my wife are in the same room again Thank you

Works great!

Posted by Renee Hoover

Bought this for my husband and he doesn't snore anymore! Thank you so much Jimmy for your commercials!

Great device, Stopped my snoring, Great customer support

Posted by John Jenkins

Used multiple devices without succsess. This one worked right away! Standard fitting and getting used to while sleeping issues. Had problem with fit and rapid, excellent customer response.

Love it!

Posted by Steve Repetto

I haven't slept so good in ages. It only took a few days to get used to it too. I love it!

5 star

Posted by Jordan Palmer

Love the product. More importantly, my wife loves the product

Works Great!

Posted by Robert Williams

Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Silent Night!

Posted by Julian McQuirter

Great product! Saw results first night. Everyone in our household is sleeping better without the snoring.


Posted by Patrick Meyer

It has worked from day one.

Wife says it works.

Posted by Dale Petrick

I am still getting use to sleeping with the Zyppah, but my wife is now sleeping better. Isn't that all that matters? As she says, only her opinion counts. Now I will be able to stay in the same bedroom with her. This product is worth the money.

4 star

Posted by George Sweet

ZYPPAH Military - Hybrid Oral Appliance

By all means get a Zyppah!

Posted by Mary

Zyppah is a great product and the company has great, over the top good, customer service. Be patient, as the instructions suggest, and you will eventually want to wear it every night.

4 Star

Posted by George Vignola

my wife sleeps with me now...thank you.

It works

Posted by Dean Laitinen

Cuts down or eliminates my snoring. Very pleased with this.

It works

Posted by James Baxter

So far this product has eliminated my snoring and my spouse is eternally grateful

4 Star

Posted by John Herman

awesome only took me about three nites to get use to it I sleep better wake more rested and my wife loves it too

Different but effective

Posted by Nathan Beck

I've been using it for a couple of weeks now. I'm still getting used to it. The first night I was able to keep it in all night, however, I felt the best I have in a long time waking up. I felt rested and my fiancé sleeps well too! Definitely a process to get used to but plan on sleeping with this from now on. It actually starts to become comfortable. Overall I would recommend this product and purchase again.

Great Product

Posted by Ron Jimenez

The mouth piece is very comfortable to wear

4 Star

Posted by Bill Jewell

The unit does an excellent job of stopping the snoring. It is the only one that does.

4 Star

Posted by Robert Sylvester

It seems to be working

Works Great!

Posted by Walter S.

Stops the heavy snoring. It is a little uncomfortable to wear is it is not a natural thing to have something in your mouth while you sleep. The worst part is trying to swallow, but definitely worth sleeping with your wife.

Plain and works!

Posted by Steven A.

Plain and works!

Hands down the BEST snoring device I've ever used!!!

Posted by Jason

Hands down the BEST snoring device I've ever used!!!

No More snoring

Posted by Gustavo

Have to say that I immediately stopped snoring. I did take a week to get accustomed to sleeping with it all night. The product works as advertised.

Wife says it works.

Posted by Joel Jones

My wife is very happy. I admit that I am sleeping much better. It did take awhile to get used to the appliance and I really don't notice that the appliance is in my mouth unless I wake up for some other reason. I would recommend to others if their spouse complains about their snoring.

Miracle Product

Posted by James C.

It took a few nights to get used to this mouthguard but now i find it difficult to sleep without it. I was skeptical but this thing has STOPPED my snoring. For the first time in 25 years my wife and I are BOTH sleeping soundly in the same bed. Zyppah has truly changed my life for the better. As an added benefit, I no longer grind my teeth at night so no headache in the mornings. Thank you Zyppah.


Posted by John D.

It works! I don't snore anymore. I thank you. My family thanks you. Finally, a product that delivers. Well done, Zyppah!

It works

Posted by Jeanne B.

It works


Posted by Alex


The ZYPPAH Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Device is the only snoring solution of it's kind. ZYPPAH (Happy Z spelled backwards) is an FDA-cleared, self-molded, boil-and-bite oral appliance that is effective, safe and easy to use, and Made in the USA. Get the most popular hybrid-oral snoring appliance and eliminate your snoring.

What makes ZYPPAH an effective solution to eliminate snoring and different from every snoring aid sold, is that ZYPPAH is the only product that combines two solutions to solve snoring problems instead of a one solution like every other snoring mouthpiece sold today. ZYPPAH has our patent-pending tongue strap that gently holds and stabilizes your tongue, and combines that feature with with mandibular advancement. The ZYPPAH tongue strap holds the tongue, preventing it from falling back into the throat. This revolutionary concept of a tongue strap opens the airway during sleep. The tongue, which is a muscle, relaxes during sleep. Mandibular Advancement is is the same feature used by every snoring aid including ZYPPAH. Mandibular advancement, or repositioning, means advancing the jaw forward.

It is a common misconception for people to think snoring is caused by the nose. If that were true, people would snore during the day when awake, but they don't. Snoring only occurs during sleep. What most snoring sufferers do not realize is that snoring is caused by the tongue falling back and blocking the airway. As the airway closes, turbulent air is forced through the narrow opening creating the snoring sound.  By moving the tongue out of the way, the snoring is eliminated and because you are getting better airflow, your sleep improves as well.  The tongue, not the nose or throat is the root cause of snoring making ZYPPAH one of the most-effective solutions available today.  ZYPPAH directly prevents your tongue from blocking the airway, which is why our tongue strap is so revolutionary.

Every ZYPPAH comes with a 90-Day warranty and is guaranteed to work or your money back.  We provide 24/7 live customer service and all of the ZYPPAH customer care representatives live and work here in the United States.

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